Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rock Climbing at Table Mountain

Cape Town offers some of the best rock climbing in South Africa. Cape Town is filled with high quality rock routes ranging from the easy classics to the extreme. Table Mountain is found in Cape Town and is one the most popular rock climbing destinations in the world, its beauty will find its way into your heart and remain there for a lifetime.

Table Mountain is famous because it is shaped like a kitchen table. In cloudy weather, the clouds roll over the mountain and this will remind you of a table cloth covering a table. It is unique and provides a truly amazing view. Table Mountain stands 1086m above Cape Town and all life revolves around this majestic mountain. Suburbs surround the 80km long mountain, stretching from Signal Hill above Table Bay to Cape Point in the South.

Table Mountain is a renowned World Heritage Site and a world famous National Park containing remarkable local beauty. Rock climbing Table Mountain has a variety of traditional routes, mostly on high quality Sandstone which provides excellent friction. There are several abseil points at strategic places; some includes bolts and chains to assist with descents. If you decide to share the amazing view with your children, a cable car is available to take you to the top mountain.

Before you decide to start climbing, remember your rack of cams and nuts. Long slings are also useful to avoid rope drag and 60m double ropes are recommended. Table Mountain has three main climbing areas that can be accessed from the local lower cable station. The first two areas can be seen from the lower station and the two buttresses that are visible. The main climbing area that is home to the popular routes is situated on the final 100m of rock cliffs that support the upper cable way station on the north-east side (Africa Ledge) and the climbs are situated on 80m high cliffs below the cable car station that over-looks the city. The other starts at Fountain ledge which faces West over the Atlantic Ocean and the breathtaking Camps Bay, boasting spectacular views and sunsets.

The beauty of Table Mountain will remain vivid in your memory and will follow you throughout the remainder of your life.

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